About Us

Here at Kist Accommodates we strive to ensure all of our guests have the most pleasurable and memorable stay possible.

Morgans Retreat, Harrogate

How We Started

Kist Accommodates is a trading name of Kist Properties (founded in 2019) and pride ourselves delivering beautiful accommodation across Yorkshire. The name ‘KIST’ is derived from the first letters of the original members of the business; Kate, Isobelle, Steve and Teddy. As the business has grown, so has its members and in 2020 Kist Investments was formed and Zena came on board as one of the company directors. Kist continues to go from strength to strength and now has 8 Serviced Accommodation units with even more in the pipeline.

Although Kist Accommodates deals primarily in providing stylish, comfortable Serviced Accommodation across Yorkshire, the Kist brand also purchases and renovates property as well increasing the wealth of our investors by sourcing them lucrative property investment deals. If you’re reading this and would like to get into property or have money sat in the bank earning 0.01% and want to know how you can earn considerably more, then get in touch.

Contact us if you would like to know more about investing in our next project.